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Introducing our new community site
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Welcome to!

Throughout our 25 year history, we have heard from passionate customers that GemStone Systems is the vanguard of data management--we've built (and continue to build) transactional virtual machines for Smalltalk, Java, and now Ruby; in the mid 90s we brought persistent caching to J2EE; over the last five years, we pioneered the use of in-memory, distributed data management for scalable, extreme transaction processing. Though such customer praise is great to hear, we have also heard (more than once) that GemStone Systems remains the "best kept secret" in data management.

Today, changes all that.

Our revamped developer-centric website is focused on broadcasting news and information about GemStone's latest products, tools, documentation, articles, research projects, and partner ecosystem activity. Internally, our entire GemStone team (including the entire engineering team, techpubs, sales, business development) is focused on delivering the most timely and relevant product and technology-related information via this website. is organized by product category, so visitors can easily discover information about a particular product (e.g., to enter the GemFire area, a.k.a "room", in the community just click the GemFire icon). Within a product room, users will find a concise product description, ways to learn more about the product, quick start guides, code examples, docs, and developer-authored technical notes. gives evaluators and customers all the information and news they need to test-out, develop, and deploy our GemStone products; it also provides users with a transparent window into the GemStone product delivery process.

In the near future, we'll be adding full community forum support to enable users to connect directly with our GemStone teams as well as with other customers. In the meantime, please connect with us by clicking the email "feedback" link. We're just getting started. Stay tuned for more announcements soon!

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GemStone Systems

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