Entering a New Architectural Era - The Elastic, SQL, OLTP Database

Hosted by Ziff Davis, sponsored by GemStone

Databases that are capable of performing all tasks are optimized for none. Starting in the late 1980s, companies like RedBrick, Teradata, and later Netezza have proven the benefits of a specialized OLAP platform, including optimized hardware. In the passing decades, little has been done to optimize OLTP platforms. Re-architecture is long overdue.

To optimize OLTP, one must optimize both the platforms and the applications using them. Pat Helland (of Amazon.com and Microsoft) proposes this in 'Life beyond Distributed Transactions: an Apostate's Opinion (2007)'. He also challenges long-standing assumptions that application developers must surrender in order to scale on modern grids and clouds. Another paper by Michael Stonebraker, Helland, and others, 'The End of an Architectural Era (It's Time for a Complete Rewrite) (2007)', led to the development of one of the first optimized OLTP database, the H-Store project.

Join us for this technology-focused eSeminar, which will investigate the architectural tenets of optimized OLTP databases and the design decisions behind products like BigTable, Project Voldemort, GemFire SQLFabric, and HadoopDB.

If you are reaching the scalability limits of traditional RDBMS technology, are thinking of building a new future-proof application, or are considering moving an application into the cloud, you can't afford to miss this highly instructive presentation.

To register, visit: http://tinyurl.com/yg7cdzy

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