GemFire JRuby cache plugin now available in Github

The gemfire-jruby gem provides a Ruby interface to GemStone Systems' GemFire cache. It can be used to embed a GemFire cache in a JRuby VM or to embed a GemFire client in the JRuby VM ... the client transparently forwards all operations to a running GemFire server on a remote node.

Now, JRuby applications go well beyond what is available through the memcached cache plugin in Ruby/Rails. The cached data will be highly available through multiple copies of data across the cluster, optional storage to disk for overflow or for recovery, eviction/expiry, replicate data across WAN boundaries to remote cache clusters, dynamically expand the cache cluster capacity and many more features listed below:

  • Host GemFire cache in a embedded mode (client mode) or in a remote cache server cluster(server mode)
  • listening for operation events in either client or server mode
  • transparently loading or writing cache data to an external store (server mode only)
  • choosing to keep data on the client or to keep data on the server only
  • choosing to partition data across the servers or to replicate all data on each server
  • easy to use, e.g., create a client with'client') or a server with'server')
  • GemFire operations: create(key, value), put(key, value), get(key), invalidate(key), destroy(key), clear
  • memcached api operations: read(key), write(key, value), delete(key), exist?(key), keys
  • one cache region ... additional cache regions can be declared in XML

Note that this JRuby plugin is available as-is with source code and without any warranties from GemStone Systems.

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