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First GemFire Spring integration milestone released
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We outlined a high level technology integration strategy to our customers and the press when we merged with SpringSource/VMWare on how GemFire will integrate with the spring framework. The core Spring engineers have already delivered on part of the promise through the first milestone release making it natural for the Spring developer to access GemFire.

In a nutshell, the integration provides:
1) simpler ways to configure a cache and data regions. You can then inject the region into your app POJOs just like any spring dependency.

2) Allow the Spring developer to use Spring transaction model - declarative configuration and doing transactions consistently across a variety of providers. So, basically, the application doesn't have to explicitly invoke the GFE transaction APIs. Of course, our txn caveats do apply.

3) Wiring dependencies for callbacks easily: So, for instance, if you are using a CacheWriter or loader that needs DB URL, connection properties, etc you can now use the conventional Spring way of configuring DataSources and can be auto injected into your callback.

4) ETC

I encourage you to read Costin Leau's blog for specific details, download and give it a try. Your feedback will be very valuable and much appreciated.

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