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This week at VMworld in San Francisco, CA VMware announced the VMWare Cloud Application Platform including vFabric. VMware vFabric is optimized for Spring and VMware vSphere and provides the dynamic runtime platform and data management services needed to intelligently run and scale the new generation of applications. GemFire is an essential component of vFabric and delivers fast, secure and dynamically scalable data to modern applications. What are the characteristics of modern applications? These new generation applications are highly engaging to use, collaborative, accessible from anywhere at anytime and importantly are extremely data rich. Enterprises will be pressed to quickly develop and provision modern applications where user demand is indeterminate. Fortunately, there's GemFire to provide ready access to data to keep these applications going no matter how unpredictable the load.

Eight plus years after the introduction of GemFire, mainstream IT systems are evolving and realizing how critical fast, scalable access to data is and that legacy technologies simply won't do. With years of real-world deployment serving the most challenging data needs in financial services, defense, gaming and other industries, GemFire, as part of vFabric, is ready to help IT serve its customers with modern applications that are fast and scalable. Those of us working on GemFire welcome the new era of public and private cloud-based computing knowing we have the horsepower to field the unquenchable thirst for data.

For further reading on VMware vFabric, please visit the following links:

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