New Preview release of SQLFabric is available for download

A new preview release ("Alpha4") is available for download. This new release adds several new features:

  • A thin JDBC driver is bundled making SQLFabric easier to use from tools like SquirrelSQL, DBVisualizer, etc. The thin driver has much less footprint but not as fast as the peer driver.
  • Persistence for data dictionary
  • Replicated tables can be configured for persistence
  • a more compact data structure for managing rows in memory
  • WAN replication: replicate data across multiple clusters
  • Write behind: Asynchronously write updates to external data repositories
  • Configuration option to rebalance data when adding new fabric servers
  • And more ....

As we continue to make advances with respect to performance and other areas, we remain very interested in early stage feedback from our customers, prospects and interested developers.


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