Reliable Event Notifications Examples

You can fine-tune the events your clients receive from the server by using event subscriptions. You can register subscriptions for specific data keys, data keys matching a regular expression, and data matching a continuously running query. The client receives automated notifications from the server whenever the indicated data changes. For key registration, the change is any change to the data object. For continuous queries, the change is any change to the query result set for the query.

The table shows event notification options.

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Interest registration
Specify data keys for which you want to receive events. You can register specific keys or keys lists. You can also register interest in all keys matching a regular expressions. 
Continuous queries
Specify a query for which you want to receive events. The query runs continuously and you receive events for all changes to the query result set. When you register the query, you can request a full initial result set. 
Durable event messaging
Configure the server to store events that occur when the client is disconnected. When the client reconnects, the server replays all stored events and then continues with normal event messaging. You can specify durable event messaging for any or all queries and key registrations.

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